Thanks for the follow, lovely! I'm flattered, your blog is awesome! Hope you have a beautiful day!

Why, thank you! You do the same. :)



I absolutely love coffee. When I wake up, the middle of the day, before bed. I use to fill up a cup with cream and sugar, and add some coffee to it. The sweeter, the better. Then one day I just stopped using creamer. I forget what it tastes like. But I noticed when my boyfriend drinks his coffee, I can’t stand how it smells. It doesn’t matter what kind of creamer he uses. I like the taste of creamer-less coffee much better though. For one, I can actually taste the coffee. For two, i don’t have to spend forever and the store debating on which flavor to get anymore. So, that’s nice I suppose. 

I'm not sure what it is about your blog, but I enjoy reading your postings. Some are kind of personal it seems and I just want to know your story. Do you plan to write more personal things? Maybe the rest of the story about your dad?

The thing with my dad is, there is ALOT more to what I wrote. Things happened and were said that I probably shouldn’t post. Maybe in the future though I will sum it all up. I’m not sure. And as far as wanting to know my story? It’s far from over. Keep checking my blog out and maybe you’ll come across something that interests you, catches your eye. But I do appreciate that you enjoy what I have been doing here. So, thank you. 

I have galaxies hidden between my bones…

…and I will love you until the stars burn out.